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Thread: Swing Timing Product Survey For Class

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    Default Swing Timing Product Survey For Class

    Hi everyone,

    I am taking a class on entrepreneurship at the University of Southern Mississippi. My team and I are developing a business idea and business plan for this class. Our product is meant to aid youth ball players (baseball and softball players 9 - 14 years old) with their swing timing.

    Here is where you come in:

    I need parents, umpires, league organizers, etc who are involved with or have sons or daughters involved in youth baseball or softball (9-14 year olds) to fill out a very quick (5 minute) online, anonymous survey.

    This is not an attempt to get e-mails or other personal info, the survey does not require any of that. Also, it is hosted on the well-known and legitimate website.

    LINK: MGT 630: Product Survey

    Thanks. I really appreciate the help.


    Matt Stambaugh

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    Should have posted it in the baseball section,.

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    You have a great plan but you need to market it very well..not only here..because there few possibility that they will read your post

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