My son is 13 and I would describe him as "medium build", probably around 5'4" 125lb....ish. He is playing 13u right now and I am just looking ahead to 14u and high school ball, so BBCOR is whats ahead.

I bought him a -5 VELO and a -5 Combat G3 for this year. He really likes the Combat, but doesn't swing the Velo. I think he does not like the fat handle/grip on the Velo, but he has only swung it at maybe 2 practices.

I want to progress his transition to swinging BBCOR and get him something that has some pop at BBCOR. I have seen a bunch of kids swinging BBCOR that seem dead. Are ALL BBCOR bats dead like that?

Any suggestions for a balanced swinging BBCOR that has pop?